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February 3, 2018

In the 21 the century, we are now in the era of everything digital. Indeed, the digital world has experienced a significant revolution and creating a website has become mandatory or vital. That’s why Senmarketing Digital gives you the opportunity to have a modern, customized and responsive website. Thus, the development of a site will no longer be a chore for you, because our team of passionate and passionate professionals will take care of it.

Nowadays, going through the website creation box becomes vital for many reasons:

  • Your company will be accessible and your products visible worldwide
  • Your customers can contact you quickly 24/7, with service offers outside of office hours.
  • You will reach an additional panel of customers: Internet users from all over the world.
  • The increase in market size and performance in sales.
  • Your business will have a more modern brand image.
  • You increase your profitability: speed of response, a speed of service, optimization of delivery times.
  • You significantly reduce your advertising costs while increasing your distribution that will be done on a global scale.
  • Changes are made immediately with your website.



Digital Transformation

To optimizes the creation of your website, our approach will be comprehensive. You create a website will be the prologue of a whole process of digital transformation.  Also, the development of a positioning and SEO strategy in line with your objectives will validate the beginning of our challenge, but it is not over.
  • Creation of a website adapted to your business
  • Adapted graphic charter and attractive design.
  • Responsive website and HTML5 template production, CS3, JS
  • Performance and Ergonomics / Airworthiness and Readability (UX)
  • Custom development under Open Source CMS
  • Optimization of SEO, keywords, and optimization of your ranking in search engines.
  • Senmarketing also ensures you a complete redesign of your website to make it modern and Google Friendly. A website that guarantees the flowering of your business remains our challenge. Bringing you into the digital air remains our ideal.


With a responsive website, no need to develop a standard version and a mobile version of its website. One size fits all screen resolutions and devices.

In fact, one site means less time and money spent designing and maintaining it.

A single web address for computers, smartphones, and tablets facilitates access to the site. Google has announced that it prefers sites that use a responsive design, which means better positioning in the search pages.

Also, regardless of the screen resolution of visitors, they will all benefit from the same layout and navigation. The content adapts correctly and optimally to different types of screens. The site is more intuitive and more adapted to tablets and smartphones.

As a result, having a responsive website allows you to anticipate future technological innovations and consumption patterns of the internet such as a mobile internet or connected TVs.

In recent years, the market share of mobile internet is becoming increasingly important, especially in Africa. A responsive e-business site makes it possible to offer a place more adapted to mobile devices and to take advantage of the growing market of m-commerce (mobile commerce).

Website Creation

Create A Website, How Much Does It Cost?

February 2, 2018

The cost of a website … legitimate and difficult question. Legitimate because we have a limited budget for our activity and difficult because we do not always know exactly what we can expect depending on the budget that we can allocate.

Let’s say that the price of a website is a bit like the price of a car. You can find an old car on occasion for € 100, a new one from € 7,000 and the most expensive ones over € 3 million. It all depends on what you want, why you want it and what you want to do with it. And in general, it’s worth it to get advice.

Now, not everyone is looking to buy the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster (the world’s most expensive car in 2014 at € 3.3 million), and most people would not even know what to do with it. And not everyone can build it. Also, most people today are delighted with a car that fits their needs: city, family, sedan, roadster, SUV or prestige … and the price that corresponds to it.

To create a website, it’s the same thing. You must first define your need: a showcase site, corporate/institutional or e-commerce. They have different functions and different prices … because the amount of work and complexity needed to create them is different.

But above all, you have to see the cost of your website as an investment. On the one hand, you will amortize it over time, on the other hand, it is an indispensable tool that you buy to be able to assist your activity. A company that does not exist on the internet will find it difficult to establish credibility.


Now you have sites that offer you to create a “pro” site for free or almost … and if you have a rikiki budget and just need an online presence, that can be enough for your needs. Obviously, you will have to do it yourself, but that’s not the problem. The problem of a website today is to stand out from the competition. But a “serial” site is like a car in series: we see it everywhere, and suddenly, nobody notices it.

On the internet as in life, everything has a cost (except hugs and kisses, we agree, though …) and the cheap too. What happens if there is a problem with your site? If you pay little or nothing, do you believe that someone will go out of their way to make your website work?

What you pay for the creation of a website is the working hours of the professional or professionals who will create your site: a graphic designer for the aesthetic aspect, a web designer for the code and programming for the formulas the simplest.

Digital World

SEO Helps Calgary 4H To Spread Their Program To Develop Skills And Awareness

January 12, 2018

Professional Ottawa SEO services are very beneficial as they can help lift your site above the others and this really helps Calgary 4H to reach the 1st page of search engines. This is mainly because of the fact that SEO experts know how to make a site rank highly. Here are the major benefits of SEO services:

Helps you beat your competitors
Optimized websites are the easiest and fastest way to outdo your competition. As we said earlier, these services help you rank highly. And since your clients will not spend time searching through pages of search engine listings, it is a good idea to look for SEO services to help you get potential customer’s attention.

Increased sales
Ranking highly will increase traffic to your site and the more the number of people who visit your website, then the more the number of people who will buy your products. This makes SEO services the best way to boost sales.

Improves visibility
SEO services can improve your visibility as they widen your reach. This can help you expand your brand locally and internationally. So if you want to dominate your local market or reach, then it may be a good idea to consider ottawa seo services.

Works 24/7
SEO services work 24/7. They are like a marketing team working for you 24 hours a day. In fact, even after you lock up your office, SEO services will still be helping you find more customers.

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The Group of Calgary Southpaws

January 2, 2018

It is important that all members understand that while we have tons of fun and learn through our project work, 4-H requires a significant commitment.  Here we are going to outline these commitments.

Calgary 4-H Southpaws Club and Project Constitution. 

All members must complete the “Provincial 4-H Rules and Standards”.

  • The 4-H year is September-August
  • The 4-H member must complete the record book for their project(s)
  • The 4-H member must attend at least 70% of all general meetings and project meetings.
  • The 4-H member must do one communication activity. Eg. Public speaking
  • The club and members must do at least one community service that the club and members do not get compensation for.
  • The 4-H member must attend their club achievement day.

** Please read the club constitution as the Calgary 4-H Southpaws have added more club rules to the Provincial minimums.

Some additional Mandatory Activities:

  • Highway clean-up
  • Club fundraisers
  • 4-H on Parade

4-H is a family involvement club.  The meetings are chaired by the children but they need parent support in planning, transportation, and funding.  Parent’s need to plan to stay at the meeting and help the members learn and plan their club year and activities.  Also children do not always take home all of the information and if you are there, you know what is planned and have input.  Thank you for looking at this program for your children and we will do our best to help teach them the life skills they will need as they become adults.  (Public speaking, leadership, record keeping, parliamentary procedure (how to run meeting), and how to plan and organize activities.)

Southpaws Facts:

  • The 4-H Southpaws Club began in 2001
  • The Southpaws were the second urban 4-H club to start in Canada
  • The first club in Canada to create a Cavy , Model Horse and Rabbit Hopping Project
  • Today our projects include Archery, Foods, Vet Science, Small Motors, and Photography.

2014-2015 Leaders

  • Club General Leader – Toni S.
  • Archery Leader: Guy M.
  • Foods Leader: Roberta W.
  • Vet Science Leader: Lara P.
  • Small Engines Leader: Mark S.
  • Photography Leader: Kelly M.
  • Leader Helper: Ethan G.
  • Leader Helper: Lisa K.

2014-2015 Club Executive:

  • President: Darson P.
  • Vice-President: Jillian S.
  • Secretary: Josie K.
  • Treasurer: Holly F.
  • Club Reporter: McQuina P.
  • District Representative: Emma D.
  • Parliamentarian: Cassie K.
  • Historian: Robyn F.
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